The Ultimate Sober Experience

Recovery Convention


Includes tickets to the Roundup (June 5,6,7) -  a one of a kind recovery convention with a wealth of acclaimed speakers. Tickets are usually available on a first come first serve basis so they can be hard to come by! But we have secured them so don't miss out. Meet hundreds of people from all over of the world; Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. ...all coming together!



You will have the ultimate guides showing you around and helping you enjoy everything Bali has to offer! With plenty of options to experience various activities that compliment this "recovery focused getaway" such as morning meditation, yoga, ancient sound therapy, water purification, self love & emotional sobriety workshops, sightseeing, just playing and so much more.



Stay in a breath taking 4-star resort right by the beach, and 30 minutes from the Roundup Convention. Everything you need to recharge your recovery at your fingertips and the perfect sanctuary to calm your mind. Facilities include luxurious spa services, pool, gym, onsite dining... surrounded by the incredible sights, sounds and smells of nature in Bali. Prices starting as low as $1,750 per person.

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